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A message from Margherita Davidson
Dear RUG 1&2 Members

I have decided to retire from the chair of RUG 1&2 as from 1 June 2019. I have served for over 30 years in various positions in the Upper Thames region in Osney from when we first owned a boat. As we do not own a boat now I feel I haven’t the same contact with the necessary aspects of the river in our area.

I am sorry to leave but I would like to be kept on the mailing list.

Yours sincerely
Margherita Davidson

RUG 1 & 2 Lechlade to Sandford Lock

Group 1&2 covers the area from St. Johns Lock down to Sandford (just downstream from Oxford) a total of 34 miles.  This stretch of the Thames is very rural, has many twists and tight turns and in places very narrow, meaning that it is  difficult for two large boats to pass easily - but it is also very peaceful and tranquil (until you get to the Oxford Reach - Ed).

The locks from St Johns lock as far down river as Kings lock are all manually operated beam locks so no ‘out of hours power’! Unfortunately with the Environment Agency’s current budget restrictions the locks are not always manned so be prepared to ‘do it yourself’! We hold meetings four times a year and all who use this stretch of the River Thames including fishermen, canoeists, walkers etc are welcome to attend.   




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